Housing and Neighbourhood and Community

Good housing is an essential part of a successful neighbourhood and local community. Good design can help to create a positive appearance and, depending on location, make provision for - or help to ensure - accessible links to shops, schools, other local facilities, open space and the countryside and employment opportunities. The oversight of the neighbourhood by local authorities and other public bodies can help foster a positive reputation and provide opportunities for residents to influence their local environment, to develop social contacts with neighbours and to minimise crime and anti-social behaviour.


  1. 12

    Further development of the Place Standard for Scotland should take account of what has and has not worked and should describe clearly how the standard might be used to promote wellbeing.

  2. 13

    Community anchors should be established in all housing renewal programmes and in areas where there is significant dissatisfaction with the quality of the local neighbourhood.

  3. 14

    All Community Planning Partnerships should be asked to identify clear objectives for priority neighbourhoods and to develop a monitoring framework to measure success.

  4. 15

    Effective partnership arrangements should be established at the working level within neighbourhoods; initially, these might be ad hoc informal arrangements, although local neighbourhood Community Planning Partnerships could provide a more formal structure in priority areas.

  5. 16

    The Scottish Government should either provide, or more likely commission, an appropriate organisation to offer advice, encouragement and support to housing associations and other community anchor organisations in order to deliver service innovation in local communities.

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