Housing and Health and Education

Housing which is secure, adequately heated and free of serious condensation and dampness and which provides adequate space and supports independent living is important for good physical and psychological health and positive educational outcomes.


  1. 28

    Housing should be a full and equal partner in health and social care partnerships. The new bodies should be accountable for a joint budget, which would include funding for all relevant housing services and be given challenging targets that reflect the housing contribution to relevant national outcomes.

  2. 29

    The Scottish Government should undertake a review of the current service delivery arrangements and facilities for rough sleepers, to ensure that those in place can cater for the potentially complex and multiple needs of each individual.

  3. 30

    There should be a strengthening of the emphasis on the prevention of homelessness and repeat homelessness through early intervention, and joint agency working between the various statutory bodies/departments and voluntary sector partners. This should be linked to an extension of the housing options approach, including identifying health and social needs as part of the same process.

  4. 31

    There should be a significant reduction in the length of time any one household spends in temporary accommodation. Minimum standards for temporary housing – as recommended by Shelter Scotland and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Scotland – should also be implemented.

  5. 32

    The Scottish Housing Regulator should undertake a thematic study of overcrowding in homes supplied by all social housing providers and offer guidance on how best to minimise this.

  6. 33

    As part of its work of monitoring progress with the achievement of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, the Scottish Housing Regulator should be asked to produce a report on the extent of serious problems of dampness, condensation and associated mould and fungal growth in the social rented sector.

  7. 34

    The Scottish Government should provide more resources for housing services, such as help with handyman tasks and small repairs for older households, which can help to reduce demands on the NHS.

  8. 35

    The Scottish Government should continue to expand the use of technology to help older people live independently in the community.

  9. 36

    The Scottish Government should press ahead with the rationalisation of funding for the provision of adaptations.

  10. 37

    The Scottish Government should help to establish a service that would provide advice and support for older persons who wish to consider moving or consider shared housing options.

  11. 38

    The Scottish Government should seek to establish a suitable equity release scheme for older people to fund repairs, improvements and adaptations. Ideally this would be provided by commercial lenders with Scottish Government support.

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